Clement Attlee’s correspondence with a 15 year old girl

Peter Hennessy detailed how Clement Attlee’s daughter in law showed correspondence between the Prime Minister and a 15 year old girl, Ann Glossop.
In the final months of his premiership, Ms Glossop wrote a poem complaining about a rule requiring her to re-sit her school Certificate because she was too young when she first sat the papers.  The PM replied in kind, marking his ‘Secret’.  I’m just surprised he had the time!
Would you please explain, dear Clement
Just why it has to be
That Certificates of Education
Are barred to such as me?…
I’ve worked through thirteen papers
But my swot is all in vain
Because at this time next year
I must do them all again…
Please hav pity, Clement,
And tell the others too.
Remove the silly age-limit
It wash’t there for you.
I received with real pleasure
Your verses my dear Ann
Although I’ve not much leisure
I’ll reply as best I can.
I’ve not the least idea why
They have this curious rule
Condemning you to sit and sigh
Another year at school.
You’ll understand that my excuse
For lack of detailed knowledge
Is that school certs were not in use
When I attended college
George Tomlinson is ill, but I
Have asked him to explain
And when I get the reason why
I’ll write to you again.
Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)


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